Years and years ago a girl told me she went to a nail salon and they added like a tiny microfibre layer on top of her nails to make them stronger and that I would not damage her own fingernails. I was so intrigued, I’ve never had strong nails, not even “okay” nails. They would split or break with everything. And yes I moisturize, eat (kind of) healthy, take vitamins from time to time and even wear rubber gloves when cleaning.

So when she told me about that fibre layer, I was inclined and I tried looking for it at nail salons in my own hometown. No success. I even asked some die-hard nail salon visitors I knew and still no success. So you, I kind of gave up. But now, literally 6 years later I found it. Are you ready to find out it if it’s any good?


It comes in this little box and it costs $22,50/€17,85. Expensive for a nail polish maybe, but if it works, its more than an okay price right?

So, the packaging says that it is made for nails that have been damaged by acrylic nails or other nail treatments, but it doesn’t say it can be used just for regular nail hardening. But it can, it works perfectly fine for me. 

How does it work?

The ‘treatment’ as you may call it, consists out of two little bottles. They are the same size as normal Mavala nail polish if you might know the brand already.

The first phase is the star of the show, the whole reason I am so fricking happy that I found this nail polish. It’s a Nylon fibre base. I am not sure if it is the same as the girl described it to me many years ago, but YAY!!!!!!!!! Sorry, I am just too excited about this.

This nail polish contains the teeniest of tiniest little fibres, they are slightly visible on your nail but not enough for me to truly capture it. SORRY ABOUT THAT. After about a minute it dries down and then you can go in with the next step.

Phase two is a protective sealer, this looks more like your average nail hardener. This will make your nail somewhat smoother because the fibres made it a bit coarse. You can put two layers on of this, but I don’t find it necessary. And after this, you can just apply your regular nail polish.

Does it truly work?

This stuff really works. It will last about 5 days maybe on top of my nails, mainly because I will add a layer of colour and that will usually not last me any longer than 5 days. Furthermore, this stuff has truly helped my nails to harden and because of that finally grow. I started using it and saw immediate results like within a week my nails were getting longer and so strong! And then I skipped it for 2 weeks, and all of the sudden my nails were chipping again and I was left with short stumpy nails all over again. I restarted putting it in my weekly regime and again strong nails!

Can you use other top coats?

The internet says yes, and I think so too. But to be honest I bought a two pack, so there is no need for me to use it with another top coat. That being said, it is perfectly possible to use both phases and then add your favourite coloured nail polish. I even think my nail polish lasts longer because my nails are stronger. Win-win right?

Is it worth the money?

Yes. It is. It is so much cheaper than getting gel polish done and honestly, I don’t really like going to a nail salon every other week. Also, it is so much softer on your nails than acrylics, which seriously damaged my nails in the past. This just gives a healthy nail and looks natural!

Where to buy?

Probably only online, unless you know a store where they sell Mavala. Which in the Netherlands is not very common. I bought mine at TKMaxx, and I found out that I have bought the old packaging. But the exact same stuff in a new packaging can be bought online at for example Amazon. I put in a link there, but other online stores will sell it as well. If you are from the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany you can find it at Douglas.



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