Beauty Bar: Recent Skincare Fav’s

Okay, don’t hate me for saying “Favs”, but seriously the word favourites is just too long.
If you were to ask me what my absolute fav skincare item is, without looking at any products, it would be right now: the Clinique moisturizing eye cream.

But don’t be disappointed, I did look at my products and I am going to give you a full on view on my recent favs!

Clinique All About Eyes eye cream $54/€40,81

This teeny tiny pot of eye cream will last a very long time, which is a good thing cause this stuff is too expensive for my taste.
It says it should help with dark under eyes, fine lines and puffy eyes. I don’t know if it truly works for my dark under eyes, I have been using it for quite some months now and I still have dark circles. So maybe it does help but doesn’t significantly reduce them.
What I also like is that this cream is unperfumed, which makes it suitable for sensitive skin. Many other eye creams will make my eyes itchy or even give a bit of a burning sensation.
It’s very moisturizing, which is great in winter, but also in summer, it’s so comfortable to use. It will sink into your skin super fast and it just feels nice. I use it day and night and have been loving it.

Bath & Body Works Super Smooth Body Lotion 24h Moisture


I never tried anything from bath and body works so I when I saw the store in Cancun, I had to go in. So I really did not need anything, so I went for a simple body lotion and a few of their tiny hand sanitizers.
First of all, the smell of this body lotion is SO GOOD! I mean all the bath body works products probably smell good, that’s kind of their thing. But I just really like this one, which is the shea butter and coconut oil version. It’s just such a sweet but not too sweet smell. I mainly use this for my hands actually, because I bought such a tiny size. And it does a really nice job of moisturizing my hands. I think I paid around 5 dollars for it, but it was in pesos so I’m not really sure.

recent skincare

Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 Mint $9,50/€9,50

recent skincare

Well, I discussed this one in my recent post on my fav’s of Kiehl’s. Check it out here.

Balance Me Vitamin C Repair Serum $42/€36,95

recent skincare

I love the scent of citrus fruits, they’re so fresh and clean and energizing. So this Vitamin C serum is right up my alley, just like every other vitamin C product probably. But the smell of this is so so good! This serum is 98% natural ingredients. To be honest, I am not that bothered by “unnatural” ingredients. The main goodie ingredients are Vitamin C, Hydrolysed Hyaluronic Acid, Zinc’cite and Melavoid.

Vitamin C
is said to help to reduce the production of melanin which causes dark spots on your skin.
Hydrolysed Hyaluronic Acid is known for its instant hydrations and makes the skin more ‘plump’.
Cinc’cite is proven to protect cells against UVB and the loss of elasticity of the skin.
Last but not least is the Melavoid, which has anti-inflammatory properties which will even your skin tone and also reduces dark spots.

And the good thing is, these ingredients are not on the bottom of the ingredient list! A lot of brands will claim they put in really good stuff, but they use so little (therefore bottom of the list) that it will not even be noticeable.

Honestly for all of these advantages to be really noticeable you have to use it for months, but for now, I am really enjoying the use of it and my skin is too!

I have a mini version of this serum as you can see on the photo.

Balance Me Gradual Tanning Drops $12,96/€11,40

face skin care

THESE DROPS. FOR REAL. I mean, I hate the idea of self-tanning I once tried to do my legs with a self-tan and it just was not for me. All panicked took it all off and starting scrubbing like a maniac. I just love my white clothes and white house way too much.
But this stuff is SO GOOD. Okay, enough with the capitals, but you know it’s really nice. And even better: it’s completely foolproof. You just mix 1 to 3 drops into your moisturizer at night and the day after it looks like you had some proper sunshine.
I mean, this will be something I will be repurchasing. But this will still last me for a long time! I also have the smaller size of this, but you can purchase a larger bottle.

This was all for now! Still searching for a good moisturizer and night cream, which are not too expensive. If you have any recommendations, let me know!


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