As springtime just started, a lot of spring cleaning and rearranging furniture have been going on in our house. Somehow the idea of Spring just gives you that extra bit of energy to finally move the couch to another side of the living room. Or am I the only one?

As I was looking around our living and dining room I figured that I just didn’t love the artworks hanging up there as much anymore. So I decided to get DIY’en and come up with something new, fresh for spring! I decided to make this cute print, and share it with you of course.

I decided to go for a bit of colour, and aqua just fitted some of the other wall hanging I did still like. But don’t worry, I also made it in pink and black! (check below)

Click below for the free printable!

I love you to the moon and back aqua
I love you to the moon and back pink
I love you to the moon and back black



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