l’Occitane Verbena eau de toilette

l’Occitane Verbena is a unisex perfume, it is a fresh lemony scent that I have been eyeing for years. A while ago I got it as a gift and I am thrilled to tell you all about it, even though there are some downsides to this l’Occitane Verbena perfume.
Okay, wait just to clarify. It’s not truly a perfume, it’s an eau de toilette. Which usually just means that it has a less strong scent and that the longevity is lower.

l’Occitane Verbena to me is summer, it’s straight forward freshness. It lifts my spirit and every time I spray it on my wrists I just cannot stop sniffing it. Imagine walking on an outdoor market in the Italy of Spain and crossing a fruits stand full of lemons. That’s what it smells like to me. (the full notes will be further along this post!)

So if you are die-hard into citrus fruits, like I am, read along!

l'occitane verbena

Downsides of l’Occitane Verbena

Okay, so there are some downsides to the l’Occitane Verbena perfume. First and foremost is the longevity. Longevity is beyond horrible with this eau de toilette, it fades quicker than a regular perfume or Eau de toilette, this could be due to the more natural ingredients used, or maybe the quality is just not that good. For me, I will smell it for an hour or more sometimes, but some people reported it faded within 10 min.

Second of all, it’s taste. Please do not ever gift this perfume to someone if they haven’t explicitly told you they wanted it. It’s not your average perfume and some say it smells like lemon pledge. My boyfriend could not understand why I was so in love with it, even though he likes it now that I have it!

Third, it’s not cheap. See further down this post.

l’Occitane Verbena Notes

Like all perfumes, l’Occitane Verbena has Top notes, Heart notes and Base notes. I will quickly discuss all three and tell you a little bit more about it.

Top notes:  Lemon and orange, the lemon is very obvious right away and after a few seconds, you will smell a bit of a sweeter scent which hints more to orange. The initial scent, however, can scare you off a bit as it is very and I mean VERY lemony.

Heart notes:  Verbena (lemony but more grasslike) and petitgrain (a woody orangy smell). After a few minutes, the top notes already disappear and the smell changes slightly to a sweeter smell that has more a woody tone to it. But still, a very clear lemon scent, as if you are in a lemon tree orchard.

Base notes: Rose and geranium. I can’t smell this. I absolutely do not like the smell of roses, and geranium is kind of close to that scent. So I think I would have noticed if it would have changed into a more rosy scent. However, as the longevity is not great with this perfume, it might be that the scent is already gone before I get to stop and smell the roses. Which I am fine with!


Alcohol – Aqua/Water -Limonene – Parfum/Fragrance – Citral – Lippia Citriodora Leaf Extract (Verbena) – Sodium Benzoate – Geraniol – Hexyl Cinnamal – Citronellol – Benzyl Benzoate – Linalool – Benzyl Alcohol – Farnesol – Amyl Cinnamal

The ingredient list of l’Occitane Verbena contains many natural ingredients, some preservatives (sodium benzoate, benzyl alcohol) and is in general just very short. The natural ingredients are kind of the style of l’Occitane, but just know, that just because it is natural does not mean it is suitable for everybody (or even safe!).

For example, limonene and citral are both natural ingredients but can be sensitizing to skin. I personally have no problems with it, but if you have sensitive skin, this might not be the perfume for you.

Price & Availability

The price of this €52/$58 for 100 ml. Which for an eau de toilette is not cheap at all. It is pretty easily available as l’Occitane has its own stores, a webshop, is sold at some online stores and is sold at most airports. That just always stuck out for me, every time I was at an airport I would see this l’Occitane Verbena perfume, convincing myself I needed to buy it. But also convincing myself that €52/$58 is not cheap for an eau de toilette.

l’Occitane Verbena, YAY or NAY?

I always include a YAY or NAY with my reviews, and with perfume, this can be very difficult. Because perfume is just so personal. To me, l’Occitane Verbena is a big fat YAY. Do if you find yourself beyond happy when cutting a lemon, and giving it a good sniff (if you know you know) then this will be just for you!
But if you have crazy sensitive skin, get rashes easily from perfume or just hate the smell of citrus fruit than stay away from this!


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I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know 🙂

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