loewe paula's ibiza review

LOEWE Paula’s Ibiza: A perfume you have to try!

Oh my! I have found a new favorite scent. And I am quite sad to tell you it’s a limited edition: the LOEWE Paula’s Ibiza. I have already contemplated whether I should buy another bottle, but my wallet is not agreeing to be honest.

Now let me first apologize for not having proper time to take proper photos, but I just wanted to quickly share this scent before it’s no longer available. The last 2 pictures used to show you Loewe Paula’s Ibiza are from Loewe’s website, you can click on them and it will redirect you!


LOEWE Paula’s Ibiza.

Let me say this, this is probably the most expensive eau de toilette I have ever bought! Yes, the Loewe Paula’s Ibiza is an Eau de toilette. I do not get why. But to be honest, it does linger quite well. I paid €78, which would be about 85 dollars.

The funny thing is, I was not looking for perfume at all. Because we are moving soon (hopefully) I was actually trying to downsize my stash by using what I had. But I walked past the little stand filled with the Loewe Paula’s Ibiza. And I caved for marketing. I do that a lot.

So I smelled it quickly, was in love, walked away, and went to a different store. When I was done in the second store I said to my boyfriend to only just check what the brand of the perfume was. And I bought it. Long story short: I love it.

loewe paula's ibiza

The fragrance is for both men and women, but honestly I am not sharing!
I am no hero at really differentiating different tones in a perfume. I am going to steal that info from the Loewe’s website.

“Coconut water is layered with bright green galbanum and Madagascan mandarin oils upon heart notes of driftwood, sand lily and frangipani flowers, with vanilla absolute and Sulawesi patchouli oil combined with the warm ambergris to form a soft, sultry base.”

To me it just smells like a day at the pool in a nice sunny country, when you just put on your sunscreen. To clarify, my Caudalie SPF has the same frangipane scent tone it, that’s probably why I so strongly thought about sunscreen. But don’t worry it does not smell like the basic SPF scent.
My first thought when I smelled it ways “this smells like Italy”. Of course, I did not see the brand or the name. I wasn’t super far off, but apparently it smells like Ibiza. If there’s any difference to it.

I feel like this scent is perfect if you love summery scents, but don’t want anything too dramatic! It’s fresh but sweet and not too floral.

loewe paula's ibiza

I am not sure if this is of any use to you because writing about perfume is quite difficult. As it’s so personal to each what you love and what you don’t. I wish I could include a sample for you, just to convince you how good it is!
My best advice is to go and smell it for yourself!


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Loewe Paula’s Ibiza photos are not mine, they are from the Loewe website, which I’ve linked in the pictures.


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