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Beauty Bar: Naobay Natural Cleanser

A facial cleanser has never been something I wanted to spend money on. I can’t even recall buying one in the last few years. The last one I bought was the purity made simple by philosophy about six years ago and just remember it cost me a fortune. I just checked and apparently, they are now around 14 bucks. Did it change or was that amount ginormous at that time?

Okay well, going on, I never really bought a cleanser since then. For a while, I used several different micellar waters, but I needed about 8 (!!) cotton rounds to get my make-up off completely. Tedious work for sure.

First of all, I was kind of done using that many cotton rounds and second of all it is of course not very environmentally friendly. Not even mentioning how many times I had to clear the bin in my bathroom.

And then I got this Naobay natural cleanser in a subscription box. I left it in a drawer for several months because I was just not that interested at first. But it is now! So I will tell you all about it.


The true name of this cleanser is “Naobay Equilibria Gel to Milk” from Naobay which is a natural and organic brand. To be honest, to call it their “Natural Cleanser” is just a whole lot easier. The cleanser is Vegan, carries the Ecocert label meaning that the organic ingredients are verified. It says on their website that 99.20% of the total ingredients are of natural origin, 30% come from controlled organic farming. 

That’s about as natural and organic a product I’ve ever used. I’ll go through all the ingredients later in this post.

The formula

It’s a gel to milk formula, which I thought at first was just very random. It says to apply it on dry skin, massage and then rinse.

Okay, well no. That’s not what I do with it. I honestly just use it as I would use every other cleanser: Apply some on the palm of my hand, add a bit of water and go to town on my face. The reason I do it like this is that it has a low viscosity, like honey and it just doesn’t spread that easy.

But, even though I use this Naobay natural cleanser wrong. I still very much like it. It doesn’t strip the skin and leave it dry, something which I have most of the time with facial cleansers. My skin just feels the same as before I use it, but it’s clean. It does its job well.

Pricing & Availability.

This natural cleanser costs between 14 and 16 euros ($15.70/$17.95), depending on where you buy it. This gives you 75 ml, which will last for a long time! I’ve been using it for months, on and off and it is still half-full. Honestly, for an all natural cleanser that is organic, I don’t think it’s expensive.

Availability, however, can be tricky, but there are several webshops selling it. Such as ecco-verde and the Naobay Website. 

naobay natural cleanser

The ingredients

The basics in short: hot damn, what a suburb ingredient list. Like, I could not find 1 ingredient that was not okay, only three orange coded ingredients! And even with those, it’s only in high doses that they could be harmful to your skin. It’s jam-packed with natural oils and it seems as if there’s nothing added that’s not necessary! The total breakdown of ingredients is below.

Ingredient one by one

All ingredients in the correct order, meaning that higher on the list the higher the content of it in the product. Green means perfectly fine ingredient, no harm to you or the environment. Orange means, maybe some harm (not always!!) to you or the environment and red would mean STAY AWAY. No just kidding, even some “Red” ingredients could be fine if it’s only in a small amount

 Glycerin = Humectant. It’s advised to not to use in large concentrations.
 Olea Europea Fruit Oil = Olive oil, which is very moisturizing and good for rough/dry skin.
 Caprylic/capric Triglyceride = Emollient and thickener, often made from coconut or palm kernel oils.
 Coco-Caprylate/caprate = Skin Conditioner
 Prunus Armeniaca Kernel Oil = Apricot Oil, emollient and skin soothing oil.
 Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil = Sweet almond oil,  very skin replenishing and very emollient. Suitable for even the driest skin.
 Aqua = Water
 Sucrose Laurate = skin conditioning
 Calendula Officinalis Flower extract = Calendula, which is believed to be anti-inflammatory and soothes skin
 Tocopherol = Vitamin E derivative, which is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and helps with cell renewal.
 Beta-Sitosterol = Fragrance ingredient
 Benzyl Alcohol = Preserving agent that stems from natural origin such as Ylang Ylang and Jasmine.
 Potassium Sorbate = Preservative. Orange due to the fact that if it’s in contact with membranes it could cause harm and if inhaled/ingested (pure form) it can cause vomiting and coughing.
 Sodium Benzoate//Benzoic Acid = preservative that is less sensitizing than most preservatives. It works by inhibiting the growth of mould and yeast.
 Squalene = emollient that has antioxidant properties, nowadays squalene is plant-based but was used to be made of animals.
 Alcohol = it is not specified whether it’s a fatty alcohol (which is perfectly fine) or the more irritating version. So no colour code here…
 Limonene = opinions are mixed on this. Fragrance ingredients that can cause sensitivity due to the penetration effect it can have on the skin. But it also has strong antioxidant benefits that can calm your skin. If you have sensitive skin you really should avoid this. Orange because of the skin sensitizing properties of this ingredient.
 Linalool = Fragrance Ingredient made from coriander and lavender, which also can be sensitizing to skin. Orange because of the skin sensitizing properties of this ingredient.

Yay or Nay?

Honestly, it’s a big YAY for me, it’s nice to use on your skin and it does not dry your skin out even a bit! It cleans properly. Also, it’s natural and vegan! Which can be hard to find.
The only downside to this product is the packaging, but maybe that’s just a personal thing, I just hate it when the cap of a tube comes loose because I run after that thing many times a week because I drop it and it keeps on rolling. But hey, that’s probably just me.

naobay natural cleanser


Ps: If you have any budget-friendly natural/vegan options for a cleanser, let me know!

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