The Best Lip Product for Dry Lips, Clinique All About Lips

Clinique All About Lips

If you are the type of person that needs to reapply vaseline, or chapstick throughout the day just to get by I have the perfect lip product for you! I warn you, it’s not cheap.

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So I have horrible lips in terms of dryness and wrinkling (not due to ageing, but just wrinkly no botox-y lips). When I was younger I would use vaseline based products, and then came the whole debacle whether or not your lips can get addicted to the use of vaseline (they don’t) and I tried many different chapsticks and products to keep my lips moisturized and happy.

I received the Clinique All About Lips from my grandmother ages ago, I was hooked RIGHT AWAY. But being 15 or so, I could not afford to buy a €28 lip product, even if it was the best thing ever. A few years ago, I bought it again, and it still was so good! I wanted to buy it again, but could not find it anywhere in stores and just forgot about its existence. Flash forward to a few months ago, being in Spain I got a new bottle as a gift. And here we are, me telling you that this is the best stuff ever!

Downsides Clinique All About Lips

Okay, now that I have you hypes (hopefully) I will tell you some downsides to this product.

First off, this stuff is expensive. Even though you will last months and months with it a bottle of about €28/$32 is NOT CHEAP. I repeat, NOT CHEAP.
The bottle is .41 fl. oz or 12 ml. which is bigger than your average chapstick which is about half or one-third the size.

Second of all, the availability (at least in Europe) is damn horrible. I’ve found it in stores a few times only to find out it was sold out and they only had the tester on display. Even on Clinique’s own website, it’s not always on stock. Here’s the European link though.

Third, the ingredients. There are a lot of synthetic ingredients and the second ingredient is Dimethicone, which is NOT harmful but does get a bad rep in the beauty industry. I personally don’t mind the long list, but I still wanted to include it.

Plus sides Clinique All About Lips

Okay, back to the plus sides!!! Okay, by now you already know I love the product, but I will tell you more elaborately why.

First off all, the feel of this product. It’s creme as I mentioned, but somehow it’s a rich creme but still very easy to apply and feels like a second skin on your lips. It doesn’t shine, or create a visible layer of product and I know it sounds weird but you can actually lick your lips and you taste nothing. After a minute or two it’s absorbed into your lips and it feels just nice and healthy.

Second, no perfume. Just like most (or all) Clinique products it does not contain any perfume. Most people I know that have sensitive skin can very well tolerate Clinique products. Next to Neutrogena probably one of the gentlest brands for your skin.

Third, it works. If you have chapped lips this Clinique all about lips will solve that within a day (or two). It keeps your lips perfectly moisturized and it’s not sticky!

Fourth, if you are someone that struggles with lipstick because it so easily feathers on your lips (ME!), this will help with that! As it gives your lips moisture and it looks as if all lines are diminished, making it easier to apply lipstick.

So, I truly recommend this Clinique All About Lips and for as long as I can find it, I will buy it again!

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